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Welcome to Menopause Mental Makeover

We provide life-changing online training to inform and coach you through the menopause.

Online courses that offer a safe space to talk, learn and share.

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About Us

Andy McGill is based in Bristol and Jo Birch-Chapple is based in south Devon.  Collectively we have 50 years experience working with clients using a variety of techniques and approaches to overcome mental, psychological and physical pain.


Our interest in the menopause and associated mental health grew over a number of years as groups of clients  complained of high anxiety, no longer feeling like themselves and sadly, some having suicidal thoughts.   


We are passionate about getting clients back to positivity again, reducing anxiety and improving  confidence and moods. 

Most of all we will help you learn how to have a good night's sleep once more.

We work mainly virtually with clients on menopause mental makeovers around the UK  and overseas.  


Our aim is simple - to get you back to feeling like you again, and back in control of your life.

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Menopause Mental Makeover is an online 75 minute four week course teaching you easy to remember techniques to overcome anxiety, beat insomnia, manage brain fog and increase your confidence.  Leaving you feeling less stressed and back in control  once again...

We can run courses for women only, mixed gender, clients early menopause and chemically induced menopause and LGBTQ+ events.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Our Courses

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