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Frequently Asked Question

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  • Will I be able to learn and relax on my mobile device, tablet or laptop?
    We say yes because in all our course testing trials, our virtual consultations we do not find individuals struggle to relax or learn. Do however make sure you put yourself into a quiet space where you will not be disturbed whilst you are learning. You are welcome to switch off your device camera whilst you learn new techniques and relax but we do ask you to keep it on whilst we are teaching. I always hide my self-view so I don’t have to look at myself which is another tip.
  • Is it possible to learn in a group and how will I know this is a safe space?
    This course is based in a virtual group teaching environment which is set up to be a safe space to discuss, share and learn. We ask everyone to be mindful of each other’s time, to respect one another and to listen to each other’s experiences which can be so insightful. Our experienced team will facilitate any group discussions.
  • What will I not learn on this course?
    You will not learn about diet, fitness, medical solutions to hormonal imbalances, how to get your doctor to prescribe HRT or be able to use the group session as an individual therapy session or menopause coaching session, you can book one of those separately with us if you wish – see the booking page.
  • How many people will be in each class?
    Menopause Mental Makeover Plus class sizes are limited to 10 people Basic Menopause Mental Makeover class sizes are limited to 30
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